My Husband Is A Slaver

My husband is a slave girl is one of the hottest conversations I have every heard in a long time. It’s so hot, because even though he admits that his sexual impulses are powerful and strong, that doesn’t mean he is able to control them. It’s a problem that most men never come to terms with and that is why their wives keep getting cheated on.

This is a very personal story and not something I’ve ever told anyone before but it’s true. My husband had a fetish for a certain type of woman and whenever he had sex with her, it was like a sexual affirmation of his virility and power. My daughter was only six years old at the time and was a perfect candidate for his love because she was already being mistreated by her mother.

When she was only nine years old, her mother took her to live with an aunt in order to help with the finances. The lady who ran the house wasn’t much older than my daughter and she made sure that her little girl was subject to all of the abuse. My daughter had to stay up all night writing papers and reading books so her aunt would keep the money coming in to feed her daughter. My husband used to pick her up at night and take her to this house every night after school so that her mother would never suspect anything was wrong. My poor girl had to stand up for herself a lot of the time because her mother would get angry when she tried to talk to her about the abuse.

My husband was a very good male friend and he never wanted to hurt anyone’s feelings, but he also used to brag about his virility and power when he went out with his friends to drink and dine. One night, one of these women decided she wanted to end their relationship and went so far as to threaten to leave him if he didn’t go. My heart went on to cry when I realized what had happened and I almost felt like I would never forgive this woman for forcing my daughter into that state of mind.

My daughter and I did not talk to each other for several months because I couldn’t bear the thought of talking to this woman again. The abuse had emotionally destroyed us both and it was obvious to me that she had to leave because the marriage wasn’t working. I was determined to save the marriage and get my daughter out of this horrid situation but I had no idea just how hard it was going to be.

My husband fought his heart out to try to save this marriage but in the end, he had to accept the fact that the woman had abused his family. He wanted to save his daughter from being taken away by someone else and he knew it would take him some time. Luckily, I had come to realize that all the pain and suffering were going to be worth it in the end. I felt like I was making a change from the inside out when I finally got out of that terrible marriage. I felt more alive than I ever had before and my daughter is now very happy and healthy thanks to my efforts.


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